I am not a morning person. In fact, 5am comes awfully early for me every day. And while I live in a dichotomy of enjoying the peace and quiet before my children rise and hating the early morning hours I have come to realize one thing: the course of my day is determined by my attitude in those first few waking moments. The first thoughts that I have at 5am often take the steering wheel for the rest of my day.   

A few weeks ago I came across an Instagram story that really hit home with me. It said that instead of dreading the day ahead or feeling overwhelmed by its pressure, we should view it as a new day to show God’s love to the world around us. In fact, the person that posted that said she even “named” her alarm in the morning to “a new day to show God’s love” so that as soon as her eyes opened, she was reminded of that truth. Wow! (and, yes, I totally copied her!)

Lamentations 3:22-23 says that, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness.”

Every morning we are given a new chance from the Lord. No matter what happened yesterday, his overwhelming, steadfast love for us never ends and every morning He gives us new mercy.

Did you have a bad attitude yesterday?
Today has new mercy.

Did you neglect to read your Bible or spend time talking to Jesus?
Today has new mercy.

Did you struggle with your thoughts or words yesterday?
Today has new mercy.

My son is so sweet. Sometimes at the end of a bad day, he will write a note to me saying something along the lines of, “Mom, I’m sorry for (insert situation here). I promise tomorrow will be a better day. I love you.” About two weeks ago, I wrote him back and said, “We all have bad days. But the greatest thing is, today is a new day. Today is a new chance to make it better. And, I think you’re a pretty great kid!”

God gives us new mercy every day. Despite our failures, his love never changes. We all have bad days. But even in the midst of those, He thinks we’re pretty great kids.

If others reject you today?
Show mercy.

If your children drive you to insanity?
Show grace.

If someone hurts you to the point of being unwilling to forgive them?
Love them and forgive them anyway.

When the world argues and fights about the truth of the Word?
Stand up for what you believe and extend the mercy, grace and love you were shown.

The change in our world happens when the truth of the gospel is LIVED OUT among believers. From the time your eyes open in the morning decide that despite yesterday’s failures, you will accept His new mercy and show it to the world. Every day is a new day.

Crafty Details
I started this page by printing the Happy Flowers digital stamp on clear sticker paper and placing it behind the page that I wanted to paint so I could see the outline. I messily watercolored where the flowers and leaves would be and once dry, placed the sticker on top of the colors. I stamped the first few words of the phrase with Teeny Alpha and then the words “Mercy, Grace” and “Love” with Bold and Outline Alpha. I finished the page with some brackets around the scripture and washi strips on the top and bottom.

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