Immanuel: God with us from Eden to Eternity, Weeks 2 & 3

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Hi friends! I hope that this post finds everyone well and excited about Christmas! It is so hard to believe that it is only a few days away! It seems as though the older I get the faster that time goes by. Is it just me? As usual, life caught up with me and got me a tad bit behind on posting, so today I’m going to look at weeks 2 and 3 of Immanuel.

Week 2 was a quick trip through the Old Testament where we read about promises and prophecies of the coming Messiah. It is so amazing how God spoke to His people from the beginning and promised them a Redeemer. In so many ways He foreshadowed His coming and made parallels between those Old Testament patriarchs and Jesus.

The first stop we made was Jacob and how he dreamed of a ladder with angels ascending and descending from Heaven (Genesis 28). During Jesus’ ministry, He referenced this event (John 1:43-51) but said that the angels were ascending and descending on the Son of Man. Jesus. Our Ladder. Our Way into Heaven.

We then moved into the story of the Israelites and how they wandered in the desert, waiting for a way to be made for them to enter the Promised Land. We talked about their traditions with the tabernacle and how sacrifices had to be made, their sins atoned for and the implications of not following what the Law required. We then drew the parallel with Jesus. He is our Way. He is with us in the waiting. He is with us in the wandering. He is our ultimate atonement sacrifice…and it was all out of His amazing love for us.

We wrapped up the week by looking at the words of the Prophets who foretold Jesus’ coming. Through them, God spoke. The creator of the world SPOKE. He was pursuing us. Speaking to us. Drawing us to Himself before he even stepped foot on the earth to be with us. Jesus came to be our prophet, our priest and our king. He was the fulfillment of all the prophesies and He still continues to speak to us today.

Week 3 focused solely on the traditional “Christmas” story and how Jesus was truly the fulfillment of all the prophesies, the promised Messiah and our Redeemer. He didn’t come as was expected. He came to an ordinary man and woman, Mary and Joseph, and in all likelihood, was just an ordinary kid. But through it all, God used the ordinary to make known the EXTRAORDINARY. He became like us so that He could save us.

The most amazing verse to me this week was this, “She will bear a Son and you will call His name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins” Matthew 1:21. His name was Jesus. Why? Because He would save his people from their sins. This is it, friends. This is why He came. It wasn’t so we could have a holiday or have a reason to celebrate his birth. He came to earth to save us. He came to redeem us. He came to break the chains of sin that bind us and provide a way for us to be WITH HIM for eternity. He became IMMANUEL, God in the flesh so that for all eternity we could dwell with Him. He came to earth as a baby so that He could dwell with us, teach us how to follow Him and then die for us. “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). Jesus came as a baby to live with us, to die for us and to make a way for us when there was no other way. THAT, my friends, is the reason we celebrate Christmas! ❤



Crafty Details: Hymnal Page
The overriding truth that I kept seeing during week 2 was that Jesus was born to save us. That kept leading me to the hymn “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” – He was promised, foretold and he was expected for many years prior to His coming. So I grabbed my hymnal and stamped the words “born to set us free” with Shake it off Lowercase and Typewriter Blocks Alpha. I used Festive Berries and Pine Needles distress oxides to stamp with. Then, I stamped the poinsettia from Poinsettia Greetings onto cardstock, colored it with my Prismacolor colored pencils and cut it out. When it was positioned like I wanted, I glued it down and then cut off the edges. I finished off with a few splatters with my Neocolor ii crayons in Scarlet and Green Grass.

Crafty Details: Matthew 1:21
I had to approach this page a little different than usual, because I had some major bleed through from the opposite side of the page. So, I grabbed some Christmas themed washi tape I had in my stash and alternated designs until the margin was full. Bleed through problem solved! I then stamped the Mary and Joseph image from Adore Him onto cardstock, cut it out and glued it into a section of the washi tape. I then stamped “call His name Jesus” with Love Ya Like A Sister and Art Deco alpha. This time I used Versamagic chalk ink in midnight black so that it wouldn’t bleed through to the other side. Once that was dry, I colored in the spaces with Prismacolor Pencils and finished with a few red and green splatters.


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