Daily Grace Co: The Gospel Centered Life, Week 4

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I am a HUGE fan of studies from The Daily Grace Co. If you’ve never done a study by them, I highly recommend grabbing one!

I am currently working through part 2 of their Romans study: The Gospel Centered Life. In week 4 of this study, author Kristen Schmucker makes this comment, “Our theology must lead to doxology. Paul has taught us for 11 chapters on the glory of God and the greatness of salvation. We have been left in awe of the ways of God that are so much higher than our own ways. And now we are called to worship. Paul has laid out for us the gospel. He has shared rich theological insight with us, and now he bursts forth into worship. After studying the truth of God’s Word, how can we do anything but the same? Doxology must be our response to the gospel”

In other words, what we believe about God should lead us to praise God. So, does it? Does what you proclaim to others about God show up in your personal worship of Him? Have you really sat down and thought about who God is and what He has done for you? Do you know WHY you believe what you believe? I challenge you to take some time this week and think about these things…

Who is God?
Who is Jesus?
Does the Holy Spirit exist and how do you know?
What do you believe about the Trinity?
What is the Bible and where did it come from?
Who is man and what purpose does he serve?
What is salvation and how do you obtain it?
What is the purpose of God’s grace and mercy?
What importance does the church serve in your life as well as to the world?
Is evangelism important? Why?
What do you believe about the second coming of Christ?

Don’t just stop there! Document what you uncover. Write down the truth of the scriptures that you find. Pray over it. Ponder it. Ask the Lord to let everything you find out change you. He is completely worthy of our praise. And yes, you may find things that you don’t understand or things that you have more questions about…and that’s ok! On this side of heaven we will never have all the answers, but what we DO know is that we can rest in His sovereignty and praise Him for who He is! Let what you DO know lead you to worship. ❤

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